Hi my lovelies ! Let me tell you about the stunning Palafitte Hotel located in Neuchâtel, a beautiful city in the french part of Switzerland. I always want to share nice advices, spots and ideas here and I am sure you'll love this too. I had the pleasure to spend the best time in this five star hotel which is on water actually. In fact, it's the only hotel in Europe built on stilts and from any point of the room you can have a breathtaking and unbelievable view on the lake and mountains. My room was one of the Lake Pavillon ones and Oh My Goodness, I felt like I was not in Switzerland with the lake under but rather in a tropical summer paradise. I swear that when I was there I had that feeling ! I never thought that I could feel somewhere else in my own city. Unfortunately the water was a bit fresh so I could not dive into it but being there was pure happiness. Thank you so much to the Palafitte Hotel for the warm welcome and kindness !!

Hôtel Palafitte
Route des Gouttes-d'Or 2
2000 Neuchâtel
T.: 0041 32 723 02 02

* In collaboration with Hôtel Palafitte


  1. so nice pics= DDD


    i invite to me too

  2. very nice photos !


  3. Wow , that's really super cool hotel , all the pictures are amazing , the last pic having clouds as background and water stream is wonderful, i do like going for tour ,staying in hotel , your pics reminded me of my hotel days when i used to work in online pharmacy dropshipper Europe, our full team use to go on Europe trip . Enjoyable moments.
    Thank you for the post .

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