This perfume is all about parisian romance. The feminine design of the bottle make me think about the love padlock on the bridge of Pont des Arts in Paris. I love the fresh scent with a note of orange blossom and jasmine. First of all, I felt in love with the bottle and then with the fragrance. It deserved an article.

Eau de Parfum : Love Story By Chloé



Good start of the week everyone ! Here are the pictures we shot in Olinda which is a city near where I lived in Brazil. It's very rich in culture and history and it's located by the sea. Furthermore it's very known for its carnival as one of the best from Brazil. I loved so much being there as it's very artistic and all kind of arts meet there as music, painting, artisanals works… I mean, I just wanted to learn the painting and drawing techniques to open my atelier while I was there.. joking ;) ! But seriously, what a vibe over there ! The beautiful streets with colorful houses were so inspiring that we decided to make a shooting for the blog! We spent the day there and had lunch at Beijupira ( which is an amazing restaurant with speciality seafoods. The decor was so insane as while eating you can appreciate the essence of Brazil I mean tropical birds and plants and outstanding view on the city and sea ! And about my outfit of the day, I went for black and white with a touch of color from my new beloved Miss Sicily bag from Dolce & Gabbana. Of course, couldn't avoid wearing my round ray-ban sunglasses in that super sunny day ! Hope you'll like the article and have a nice day ! Bisou bisou



You guys are so CuTe ! I found on many sets you did with some of my outfits. I am so glad that you took inspiration from the blog in order to style your sets and it means the world to me. I LOVE each one and just want to THANK YOU SO MUCH as it inspire me back ! Now I want to share the love and here are a few selection of what you did ;) !


And there's a new topic on the blog ! I am always asked about which nail polishes I am wearing and decided to create a new topic called #Nailpolish on which I'll be showing you guys some of my favorite nail polishes. So, the first one I wanted to show you is the "black satin" by Chanel. I love wearing dark colors in winter and this black is one of my all time favorites ! Have you ever tried it out ?

CHANEL BLACK SATIN N°219 (click to find)


Good Morning everybody ! Hope you could enjoy your valentine's day last saturday. I got completely sick so I've spent the whole weekend and the beginning of the week in bed drinking some hot tea. And here are some pictures from Brazil! I wish I was there again because it's Carnival and we all know that the best one is in Brazil but also because it's summer !
While my last brazilian trip l I stayed a couple of days in Porto de galinhas which is such an exotic and pretty place. We choose the Best Western Solar Porto de Galinhas which is such an amazing and beautiful hotel. We really had good time there and the foods is excellent too ! This time I wanted to wear some brazilian brands which are so well known in the country as Animale and Arezzo. The prints and all the colors are for sure something that attract me so much in brazilian brands.



An other post from my holidays in Brazil last december ! I enjoyed some time in Itamaraca which is a beautiful island. The sand is clear and the water too. That's totally different from where I am now in Switzerland. It's been snowing great white flakes which is also pretty but a bit freezing cold. I completely cuddled up while drinking my hot chocolate ! 
I decided to make some pictures there and here it is ! I was wearing this cute white shorts from a brazilian brand called Le Lis Blanc with my beloved Dior sunglasses.

SHORTS : Le Lis Blanc (similar here)
TOP : Zara