Hello my sweet pies ! I needed to try out the successful lip kits by Kylie Jenner. I got the Dolce K, Koko K, Candy K, True Brown K and the Mary Jo K which is the one that I'm wearing in the pictures. All of them have a mat texture so it's very important to hydrate your lips before using them. After a few seconds you apply on your lips, it becomes like a dry painting, I mean, you can kiss and it won't transfer the color. That's amazing specially when you wear red. My favorite lip kit from those I have is for sure the Mary Jo K. It's a deep elegant red that works perfectly with my skin tone and for any skin tone ! Have you guys already tried some of them ? Xo xo đź’‹đź’‹

Lip Kits : Kylie Cosmetics (available here)


When it's summer we don't need a lot of stuff. A bikini, a pair sunglasses and a bag to carry some products and wallet are enough. My favorite bikini of this summer is this one by Missoni. I just can't help but Missoni bikinis are the best ! It has great cuts, gorgous colors and suits the body so well. About the sunnies, I am love with are those CĂ©line. I remember when I first saw them at the boutique that was love at first sight. The design is super powerful and it just complete the whole outfit. And this Gucci bag, I've been bringing it everywhere with me. It is multi-compartment so I put my whole stuff into it!

Bikini : Missoni (available here)
Bag : Gucci (available here)
Sunnies: CĂ©line (available here)


Santorini you stole my heart đź’“! I am still dreaming of this beautiful place. I loved walking early in the morning in those white little streets when the sun was not yet that hot. And think about nothing and everything at the same time. It's crazy how the simplest things make us the happiest and that just allow us take a step back and realize that nothing is impossible. Well, there are some magic places in the world and Santorini is one of them. Have a nice day my lovelies readers ! Xo xo 

Sunnies : Fendi (available here)
Bag : Gucci (available here)
Sandals : Massimo Dutti (similar here)


For me the skin is very important and I am always taking care of it no matter where, no matter when. Actually, I kind of have a body ritual after the shower. I always take pleasure to hydrate my skin, whether it is the skin of the face or the skin of the body. I've already showed you guys some of my face products that I use the most lately and now I wanna share with you my favorite body lotion at the moment. Les DĂ©lices de Bain by Guerlain is a body lotion in a gorgeous bottle. The velvety texture is so amazing, I promise you ! My skin gets so comfortable, hydrated and fresh. I am completely obsessed with the fragrance of white musk and the woody notes it has. For me it's like a well-being moment !


Patches are a trend. For the story, it appeared in the 70s as way of expression then in the 90s in a pop vibe with bold colors. Now in 2016, it's the revival again, I've seen it everywhere and every brand comes out with patches on anything. Clothing (denim, leather, etc), shoes and bag. But the great thing is that we can do it ourselves. The idea is to have an exclusif piece without spending too much money for it. You can find patches almost everywhere and customize something you have in your closet and give it a refresh.
I am partnering with Zalando on this DIY project and when they asked me what I would like to show, I immediately came out with the idea of the patches as I know that you would love. 
And just for your information guys and if you are interested in more DIY, check out Zalando website ( as they have amazing videos. 
Now, I'll let you click on "continue reading" to see all the steps and learn how to DIY ! Hope you'll like it ! Xo xo


Happiness is when your outfit matches with the background (just joking) ;)! These sunnies by Dior are truly my favorite and I've been wearing them so many times lately. Seriously, Dior is always killing it! 
You guys, I am kind of missing the sea and the sun but I can not complain as here in Switzerland we are still having a wonderful and exceptional long summer.
During my trip to Santorini, I stayed in the beautiful boutique hotel On the Rocks which is carved into the rocks of Imerovigli. The mediterranean blue with the white colors is truly breathtaking and really show the essence of Santorini ! I'm super excited to show you lovely  readers more pictures !! Xo xo

Bag : Chanel
Sandals : Naf Naf
Dress : Zara
Sunglasses : Dior


I love that time of the year when all brands launch the most beautiful beauty summer products. When I look the package I instantly fell the summer and think about the hottest destinations. Not to mention the fragrances that take me on a getaway right away.

Terracotta Pause d'Ă©tĂ© (Limited Edition): This gorgeous powder for face and dĂ©colletĂ© is combined of terracotta shade with a pink color on the middle and gold shimmer. It's perfect to accentuate the sun-kissed skin glow. The two shades can be applied separately but I prefer to mix them and apply starting by the forehead to the cheekbones and down to the chin. The texture is very soft, comfortable and lasts all day. That's a must! I also love the concept of environmentally sound wooden package.

Terracotta Terra Magnifica (Limited Edition): This bronzing powder with terracotta and sand shades also contains slight gold shimmer. I also like to blend the shades and apply it drawing a 3 shape. Then I take a bit of the light shades to highlight the top of the cheekbones, nose and lips contour. 

Caudalie Huile Divine : Actually this oil is for body, face and hair. But I prefer to use only on my body skin. I love it and my favorite way to use it is right after the shower while my skin is wet. Then I rinse a bit with water and dry my skin normally with a towel. Afterwards I apply my body lotion. You guys must try as the skin becomes super hydrated and with a solar fragrance.

Terracotta Sun Protection SPF30 (Limited Edition) : I loved discovering this moisturizer sun protection by Guerlain and I was totally impressed on how it activates and accelerates the tan so quickly. I use on my whole body and it's my favorite sun protection actually.

Lancôme Soleil Bronzer SPF50 : I always use high protection when I am going to be exposed to the sun and specially on my face. This moisturizer by lâncome has a perfect light texture and smell so good. It really protects and allow an smooth effect to the skin.

Booster Detox by Clarins : When I feel that my skin is really tired and need a boost, I mix on the palm of my hands my moisturizer and 3 to 5 drops of the Clarins detox booster. When I use it I feel like my skin is detoxified and radiant. This booster is available at

Masque-Crème by Caudalie : I love doing masks and this one from Caudalie is super hydrating. Sometimes I put before going to sleep and wake up with a renovated skin.