Recently, I've been invited by the luxurious Beau-Rivage Hotel in Neuchâtel to enjoy a couple of days at their Suite Esplanade. Isn't this so chic guys ;) ? The Suite has been restored not long ago and it's the biggest of the whole hotel. It was such a privilege to stay there. I really had the best welcome ever by their team and their service is simply outstanding. Everything was so perfect. Hope you guys will like this article as much as I do. Xoxo

1, Esplanade du Mont-Blanc
CH - 2001 Neuchâtel
Tel.: +41 32 723 15 15
Fax: +41 32 723 16 16


Shorts: Rag&Bone / Bag: Saint Laurent / Sunglasses: Dior / Top: Ellery / Shoes: Pierre Hardy / Hat: Lanvin
I've been asked by to choose a trend to style and I immediately thought about the cold shoulders trend which is also known as off shoulders. It's one of my favorite trend this season because it works of all body types. Almost all women have beautiful shoulders so it's the perfect way to show the skin in a sensual way. In my wishlist, I wanted to create three looks to show you guys how you can wear this trend in different situations of life. Starting here by a casual attire that you can wear for a walk in the city or to enjoy some ice cream with your BFF.



Spring is there and I've already picked out my favorite colors from Dior's vernis which are Lilac, Bluette and Garden. I'll wear them according to my mood of the day or the week and as you guys know I love trying out new make-up and nails looks. These days in Switzerland are still a little bit cold but I can't wait to see the weather warm up and be able to wear more dresses, shorts and sandals. Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year as we can see all the flowers blooming with gorgeous colors.

Nailpolish : Dior (find the collection here)


BLACK PERFECTO This star shade is perfect for a rock and sophisticated look. When I first saw the lipstick it looked super dark but when I applied on my lips it's light color with a glossy effect. From the three shades I introduced you guys, this last one is really my favorite. What about you ? To create this look I started by the lipstick which is super unusual. I thought that this color would be perfect with a total black look. So I chose this velvet dress and decided to go for cat eye. I am pretty happy with the glam-rock and sophisticated result of it. Perfect for a girls night out ! Xo xo

Lipstick/Nailpolish : 007 Black Perfecto by Guerlain (available here and here)


I am a curly girl but I prefer straight hair. So, I am always using hair-dryers and flat iron to straighten them. Unfortunately, this damages the hair so much that I really need to take care of my hair by investing in great quality products. I am always looking for products that can hydrate, nourish and give a healthy appareance. Right now, I am wearing the argan shampoo and conditioner by Kiehl's. The shampoo cleanses completely my hair without robbing their natural moisture and it's frizz-free which helps to all the straightening process. The hair is more smooth and silky. I let the conditioner on my hair during 3 minutes before rinsing hair. I also tried the sample masks I received and it's so amazing ! This mask contains olive fruit oil, avocado oil and lemon oil which is for me one of the best combinations for dry hair. I just feel my hair deeply nourished and shiny. If you guys have curly hair which naturally tends to be dry so I recommend these products. However, you don't need to buy the same brand if you don't wish but at least that contains those components. I promise that's super great !

Shampoo/Conditioner/Hair Pak : Kiehl's (here, here and here)


SUN-TWIN-SET that's for sure the lipstick color that I'll wear a lot this spring and summer. A gorgeous orange/corail from "Ses Trendy Pop" that adds a glimpse of the sensual texture to the lips. I really love this shade on my skin tone because of that fresh and sophisticated finish it gives. 

Lipstick : 041 Sun-Twin-Set by Guerlain (available HERE)


Finishing my french riviera trip in Monaco couldn't be better. Well, I must say that spending one day there wasn't really enough time but it was quite enough to want to come back. Of course, I'll be back;)! I chose a summery and comfy outfit to enjoy a lunch and a great walk through Monaco.

Bag : Chanel (similar here)
Top/Skirt : Zara
Watch : Rolex
Sandals : "Tropézinnes" that I bought in St-Tropez (available here)
Lipstick : Tom Ford in shade "Coco Ravish" (available here)